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Beppe Green

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“Beppe Green”
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425 kr
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The Beppe hat is handmade in a exclusive waxed cotton fabric that is made in the British Midlands, designed in Stockholm and assembled in Europe. It has everything you need for a crisp early spring day, that light urban shower or countryside drizzle. Here in olive green.

Beppe Wolgers was the name of a brilliant actor, writer and star in Sweden. He had this beautiful sorrow in his kind eyes and always wore a bucket hat in different shape and fabric. In Sweden it became logically known as the "Beppe hat". We arranged a meeting with Beppes widow in order to politely ask if she had any Beppe hats left that we could use a tribute to her wonderful late husband. And she had. So here it is, a handmade, signed and numbered replica of the traditional Beppe bucket hat in waxed cotton. Wear it is as it is or with the Inferno coat.


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